Chili Feed Benefit for Local Carver Girls

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Madysen Pederson

Madysen is the loving daughter of Ryan and Amy Pederson. In December of 2012, Mady began complaining of pain in her shin after a long night of dancing. After several reassurances that there was nothing to be concerned of, 7 months later, Mady was diagnosed with Adamantinoma, a very rare bone cancer.

Mady has a passion for life and a very positive attitude. Kindness is her second nature and she is always willing to help anyone out and would do anything for anyone.

Mady is also a competitive dancer. Although she cannot dance right now due to her treatments, she is convinced that she will be able to return.

Her prognosis is good. The doctors say there is a 70 to 80 percent chance that she will remain cancer free and once her bone regenerates and heals, she hopes to dance again.

Mady still has to undergo two more surgeries in 2014, but she will continue to be positive, hope for the best, and always keep smiling!

Abby Lindall

Abigail is a sweet 10 year old with a love for animals, friends, family, school, and rainbow looms. Abby is the daughter of Nate and Susan Lindall.

Last summer, Abby began to measure herself daily on her growth chart only to become disheartened that she had not grown. Her shoe size and height had not changed in 2 years.

After enduring numerous meetings with doctors and specialists, an endocrinologist was finally able to explain that Abby had a 2cm brain tumor attached to her pituitary stalk and wrapped around her optic nerve.

Because of the placement of the tumor, only half of it was able to be removed with surgery. While it was determined to be benign, the remainder of the tumor will need to be removed by laser, Craniopharyngioma.

Abby is still facing 8-10 weeks of tests, procedures, and treatments in Jacksonville FL. She will then need 4 MRI’s a year to insure the tumor is not returning. She is one tough girl with a huge heart.

Click for more information on the Benefit (PDF)


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