Club Charter Members

Below are the Charter Members of the Carver Lions.  The club was founded in 1973.

Cliff Beckman
Curt Beckman
Gordy Bengston
Ardell Bren
Don Dahlke
Jim Dauwalter
Clarence Engler
Ken Frey
Leon Goetze
Marvin Goetze
Ruben Heitkamp
Floyd “Stubbie” Holtz
Jim Hron
Mark Huge
Gerald Jacobs
Pastor George Klima
Tom Larson
Bill Lanpher
Bernard Lano
Al Lenzen
Dick Lenzen
John Lenzen
Nick Naglus
Lee Ostlie
Arnold Peterson
Lowell Peterson
Ernie Poppitz
Jim Rein
Dick Rickaby
Joe Riesgraf
Roman Riesgraf
Ron Riesgraf
Russ Robb
Fulton Schleisman
Rudolph “Red” Schultz
Dale Stai
Darrel Swanson
Doug Swanson
Woody Swanson
Don Wiebe
Fred Wiebe


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